• From Kumamoto to the world. What we can currently do as Kumamoto’s food capital.

    Food pal is lined with high quality food factories and is full of agricultural produce from local farmers. Since the opening, we have been playing an active roles as a community-based factory park and been interacting with the local people through summer festivals and the free market, which is held almost every week.
    However, we were made to rethink "what can we do as Food pal in times of emergency including natural disasters?" at the Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2016. The answer is to keep providing food without any delays under any circumstances. For that reason, as an aggregate of various businesses related to food, we work on stable and definite product development and promote the expansion of our service nationwide and overseas, by further strengthening the collaboration between products and technologies and establishing the Food pal brand.
    Thank you for your continued support to Food pal, which leads food of Kumamoto as a model case of cross-industrial cooperation among food and tourism industries, agricultural produces and the local communities through food.
  • Food pal, which continues to evolve as a food theme park, celebrates 20th anniversary.

    Food pal Kumamoto opened in 1997 as a "food theme park" that provides various experience zones related to food from factory tours to food and beverage services such as restaurants, and celebrates 20th anniversary in November 2017. We are called "Citizen Exchange Type Food Industrial Estate".
    In order to solve management problems, we have become a corporation from a union in 2012. We aim for better management as Citizen Exchange Type Food Industrial Estate while cherishing cooperation with the local community. We also believe the fact that we can be easily accessed from Kumamoto City Centre due to the partial opening of Kumamoto West Expressway this year will be a benefit suitable for the milestone of the 20th anniversary,

    CEO Koichi Mouri

Company Profile

  • name
    Foodpal Kumamoto Co., Ltd,
    〒861-5535 581-2 Mitsugu-machi, Kita-ku, Kumamoto City
    April 1, 1993
    Representative's name
    CEO Koichi Mouri
    Number of parking lot accommodated
    500 units(Coach parking available)
    business hours
    Open throughout the year 10:00~17:00
    Entrance and parking fees
    Foodpal Kumamoto Secretariat

Characteristics of the estate

  • The characteristics of the estate are the following: 1.Exchange with the citizens
    2.Development of ambitious companies that lead the regional economy
    3.High quality working environment
    4.Cooperation with local agriculture
    5.Five concepts of harmony with the environment
    Our development is based on the above concepts. Especially regarding interactions with local residents, we are working on the Kodawari Workshop Village (rental workshop) and the Freshly Harvested Market (morning market) projects as joint projects of the union, while each company establishing exchange facilities such as farmers' markets, factories that can be toured and interactive facilities. We have welcomed more than 11 million visitors (as of September 2010) since our opening on 13th November 1997 and this is more visitors than we expected. There are public facilities of Kumamoto City including Kumamoto Food Exchange Hall, a park and a parking lot etc., are established within Foodpal Kumamoto.

Situation of enterprise invitation

  • We started with 18 union member companies at the time of transfer agreement (beginning of the project) with Japan Environment Corporation in December 1993. There were 12 companies at the time of opening in November 1997 and all plots of land for companies are sold by June 2005.
    Current situation of enterprise invitation is that there are 16 companies in the Izumi area and 8 companies in the Mitsugu area, in total of 24 companies.

Chronological table

in Kumamoto City
May 1992
Began inviting companies
April 1993
Established Kumamoto Garden Factory Park (21 companies)
December 1993
Transfer agreement with Japan Environment Corporation (18 companies), began land purchase
November 1994
Conclusion of the Environmental Landscape Agreement (Kumamoto City and the Union)
February 1996
Began preparation of building sites
December 1996
Began construction work
Publically seek the name of the industrial park and decided to call the industrial park Food pal Kumamoto
May 1997
Became Co-op Food pal Kumamoto from Co-op Kumamoto Garden Factory Park
July 1997
Established Food pal Planning Co., Ltd., the operating company
November 1997
Opening of Food pal Kumamoto. The Freshly Harvested Market and the Kodawari Workshop Village opened at the same time.
June 2005
Completion of sales of all plots of land for companies
September 2010
Co-op Food pal Kumamoto transferred the business to Food pal Kumamoto Co., Ltd. on 30th September. Transferred its operation from the Co-op style to the stock corporation style.
October 2010
At the same time, Food pal Planning Co., Ltd, changed its trade name to Food pal Kumamoto Co., Ltd on 1st October


  • 15 minutes from Kumamoto Castle
    25 minutes from Ueki Interchange of Kyushu Expressway
    10 minutes by car from Kami-Kumamoto Station on the Kagoshima Main Line
    14 minutes walk from Nishisato Station on the Kagoshima Main Line
    No.20 Platform of SAKURA MACHI Bus Terminal (To Ueki via Izumi and Kita Ward Office)
    Get off at Koujin Iriguchi (Food pal Kumamoto) bus stop
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